Thursday, 4 March 2010

Welcome to our blog!

Well I’m John, and this is the Gabbling Geeks blog. The other contributors are Joanna, my girlfriend, and Sneeze (his real name is David), the hamster of the group. No seriously, he actually looks like a hamster. We’re all business partners and are running a business called Tyrant Computers, based in Sheffield in the UK, which specialises in building custom desktop computers with discounts for students. We are all students on the Software Development (Games) BSc course at Sheffield Hallam University, in our third year, which is the placement year and are running Tyrant Computers under the Placement Year Entrepreneurship Scheme (PYES), which allows students to run their own business for a year to gain credit for their course, while receiving free help and advice from the University such as access to business advisors and a community office space called the Hatchery.

Gabbling Geeks is going to be a blog of everything and anything, from game, book and film reviews to general commentary on life and the universe and me moaning about why everything in the world sucks (I tend to get those moods a lot). So, in summary, I look forward to sharing my little rants and indulgences with the world (or as much of it as reads this blog anyway). Happy reading!

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