Sunday, 14 March 2010

Arceus Pokemon Event

Well, it finally happened. I got myself an Arceus, and not just any one, I found myself lucky enough to get one with a modest nature – unfortunately it also came at level 100 so I can’t EV train it. Arceus is a pretty important pokemon to have, as it’s the creator of the lake guardians and dragon trio, and currently the final pokemon in the national pokedex. It is also believed to be the god of all Pokemon, which John then thought would be funny to send out onto a poor unsuspecting Bidoof, (only he forgot he hadn’t yet earned the final badge in Platinum and Arceus ended up taking a nap instead. I'm sure the Bidoof was pretty relieved about that.)

For a long time I had given up hope of ever procuring one, after all, this is the UK, and events are slim on the ground. (The only other event I have been to was a Darkrai one.) My other legendary, Shaymin, was gained over the internet, which in some ways is better as they hold them for longer and it gives everybody a chance to get one, but on the other hand Pokemon is suppose to be a social game and events give people the chance to meet up, trade and battle. At least I got Shaymin the right way, having to capture it. I would have liked to have to have gotten Arceus and Darkrai in this way using the Membership Pass and Azure Flute, for it unlocks new areas and makes the game feel more complete. I don’t know why they just give you them straight out in these events, which isn’t the way it’s supposed to be.

Me, John, Sneeze and a fourth friend all went to the event today, where a fair few people showed up; some were dressed up or wearing pokemon memorabilia; stood around in groups with DS’ open inspecting the new Arceus addition. There was a woman there who seemed to radiate the Pokemon, for my DS only seemed picked up the signal when she came over – pretty cool and I’m slightly jealous I don’t give off the signal myself, (but then again I guess that would result in a following trail of obsessive pokemon fans behind me.) I’d bought my EV trained team of level 100’s along with me, thinking that maybe I would meet a few people and battle them. To my disappointment, nobody wanted to; they were either unprepared or for some reason afraid of facing us. I didn’t really understand why because it wouldn’t hurt you to have a go, even if you did lose. Well, needless to say, we left and decided to battle each other instead over some tasty takeaways – the problem is we know each other’s teams and tactics, so the fun evaporates from it eventually. (At least I got to try out my Crobat in battle for the first time, and I’m proud to say it caused Sneeze and John some big headaches :P.)

On another note I’d also like to announce that I got my very first shiny pokemon on Wednesday. I had wanted one for a long time, as John had been lucky enough to get one, yet I hadn’t despite having played more hours. I had finally decided to try and force it, learning how to chain them up properly. If you get a chain of forty Pokemon you reach your max chance of getting a shiny which is about 1 in 200 - a huge improvement. I use to find chaining frustrating to do as it wouldn’t work for me, but I found this website,, which gave some useful hints, allowing me to chain a grand total of one-hundred and eighteen Shinx before noticing that wonderful shaking patch of grass with that extra sparkle.


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